Summer Solstice & Awards


Happy Summer dear friends!! It's official, tomorrow it's Summer and today it's the summer solstice, so we're in the best time of the year, we must celebrate, dance, sing, drink and salute the Sun our "father" and enjoy the mother nature blooming, it's the magic of nature!! I've the feeling that something will change the bad time that I'm having since this winter will go away and the new season will bring happiness hope and peace. I wish you all the best,to find what you need and most important to love what you have..

Oh, dont let the sun go down on me Although I search myself, its always someone else I see Id just allow a fragment of your life to wander free Cause losing everything is like the sun going down on me


Today I'd like to introduce the "My Way" award, it's the award for free spirit, free people that are not scared to be themselves, creative bloggers and artist, nature lovers..people that loves ti live MY WAY. My lucky number is 4 so I'll give this award to 4 people, blogs or other for all summer long and my first 4 picks are:

If you feel "My Way" too feel free to grab my button, and you if you know some blogs artist or people that deserve the "My Way" award let me know and I'll give it to them or just simply give it to them now!!
I wrote this post yesterday and today I've found out that I've 2 more awards..THANK YOU!! I'm blushing and still shocked so many awards and so much love!
This time the love comes from the lovely The Novelista Barista

she gave me the Kreativ Blogger award, thank you very much dear!! I pass it to:

and the other lovely award it's from blondie-lox (do you remember her amazing cards that I've featured here ?) I love it, I'm so honored to get this award , she wrote on her blog:

carlotta @ my way for her incredible taste! i love her etsy finds list! she even featured my postcards before, which made me flattered!! :):)

Blondie-lox definitely deserve the "My Way" award , such a great talent and amazing artist thank you!!