Quick Peach

Guess what??Im stucked at home with a "light" version of chickenpox..at 33 for the 2nd time!! Somebody out there really loves me, it seems that I can't spend 2 weeks without any issue but I've just realize WHO CARES?? shit happens so let's move on!!
This friday I'm going to have the first guest post that will be written by Monica of Ciao,Chessa!
you must check her blog, she'a a photographer from New York, I'm so excited about her post can't wait to read it!!
It's getting warmer everyday and I'm so tired of winter food so I'm searching in my mum's recipe books for something easy and quick to cook, I need fresh fruits (winter fruit is boring and not so tasty!!) , veggies and colors!! I've found this old recipe, it's very very easy and you need just 2 ingredients :yellow peaches and red wine.
There're many different version of this recipe, with sugar, cinnamon , wipped cream or other spices; we make it in the easier (but very good!!) way :

(4 servings)

1 bottle of red wine
4-6 yellow peaches

peel and slice the peaches, if you prefer to cut them in little pieces is good too, put the peaches in a bowl then add all the wine, put in fridge for at least 2 hours before serving. Serve it in large glasses if you prefer you can add ice..that's it!!
Some of the other version add sugar in the red wine, but I find it too sweet and you don't need to add extra calories!!

this is another very quick but very tasty recipe, Pasta Courgettes and Saffron:

as for the other recipe, this one too has many different version, we use the light and easy version without butter or cream.

(4 serving)

300 gr pasta (spaghetti or farfalle)
1 white onion
4-6 courgettes
envelope saffron powder
extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper
grated pecorino cheese
grated parmiggiano (parmesan) cheese

cut the onion in slices and fry it in a large fry pan with 3 spoon of extra virgin oil for 2 minutes, don't burn it, add the sliced courgettes, I cut them in small slice but you can cut them in dices too, let it fry until they're all golden brown. Cook the pasta, drain it and add it in the pan with courgettes, add the cheese and the saffron and stir for half minute until the cheese melts. Serve it with some grated cheese..enjoy!