Welcome Spring!!

Today it's the first day of Spring (finally!!) and it seems that the weather is getting warmer; this winter has been so long and sad, I can't remember a nice momemt from october to ...yesterday .
Well I'm having so many problems with my (ex?!) job, that I can't see things in a positive way, but I think that things will change and now that the winter is over many bad things are gone with it.
I just hate winter cold rain wind and I really feel so bad during the cold season, I'm so happy and I feel better and positive when it's warm, the sun shine and the light is so bright that makes everything sparkle!
I've just realized that many things that I love starts with the letter S like spring, sun, sea, sand, summer, shopping, stars, shoes, shells..I wish that one day I'd live in a place with lots of beutiful S everyday.