It's only Rock & Roll but I Like It..

..Yes I do! I don't think I'll never change my taste in music, I grow up with music thanx to my parents that love music as much as I do and they have really good tastes!! I'e always listened to rock n'roll, I think now it's a part on my DNA, even if I've never played an instrument in some ways I feel my self as a musician for the love that I have the passion the respect for the music. My dad is an huge Aerosmith, Beatles, Jetro Tull fan, my mum loves Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin, Kiss, Joan Baez, so at home I've been used to listen and learn many different kind of rock that's why has been really easy for me to starts at elementary school with Motley Crue, Bon Jovi , Metallica, ACDC !! The other kids used to watch cartoons and listen to "kids music" while I was in love with Nikki Sixx!

I can't image my life without my "soundtrack" , music helps me to get through hard ties or happy moments, it helps to relax or to let my wild side to come out, that's why I've always experimented with new (rock!) generes as goth, industrial, punk, hard core..I'm not scared to try new things but I really can't stand some kinda of music as rap r'n'b or hip hop. I'm sorry ( no I'm not!) but I can't , when I hear something like that I just want to scream and go away!! I can understand a Mariah Carey song it's another language for me, but I can listen to soe of my favourite bands over and over and over..
Today I must say that I'm a little bit more "flexible" and open minded about that, probably because it's true that is some ways rock n'roll is dead, thank GOD the Rolling Stones are still here and kickin'!
I think that I've been very lucky because I've known so many artists that most of the people don't know , and I could learn something new from them . I've lived in London for more that 2 years when I was 19 and there I've "found" the music that probably suits me the most as darker tunes, I felt in "love" with Nine Inch Nails (and I still do!!), Ministry, the Cure, the Cult, Joy Division and many other and I'm so glad with some of my london friends for let me hear new music and new culture.
I'm so thankful to rock because without it I wouldn't probably be the person that I'm let's rock forever!!